Selected articles and book reviews

Interview with Anne Trubek, author of The History and Uncertain Future of Handwriting. Utne, December 2016.

Review of Playing Dead: The Weird Business of Faking Your Demise. Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2016.

Review of Porcelain: A Memoir. Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2016.

"Go Forth: An Interview With Mardou." The Believer Logger, July 2015.

Review of Why Grow Up? by Susan Neiman for the Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2015.

Review of I Was A Child by Bruce Eric Kaplan for the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2015. 

"Leanne Shapton: The Character Artist." The Comics Journal, December 2014.

Review of White Girls by Hilton Als for Utne, Winter 2013.

"Overdressed: Elizabeth Cline on Fast Fashion, Overconsumption, and What We Can Do About It." Bitch Media, July 2012.

Review of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet for the Philadelphia Inquirer (pdf download), 2012

Review of Skagboys for the Philadelphia Inquirer (pdf download), November 2012.

"This is a Love Letter: An Interview With Eliza Frye." The Comics Journal, March 2012.

"Street Sweepers: Hollaback! and the global surge in antiharassment activism." (pdf download) Bitch Media, Fall 2011.

"The Jesse Reklaw Interview." The Comics Journal, July 2011.

"Polygamy as Potboiler." Utne, March/April 2011.

"Geonoshing: Foraging For Food in the City" 
(pdf download)
. Photo by Ron Tarver for the  Philadelphia Inquirer. 


"Where the Boy Zines Are." Library Journal, May 2010.

"Bonnets But No Bosoms: Amish Romance Novels." Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2010.

"The way we 'read.'" Minneapolis Star-Tribune, February 2008.

"Grownups are reading 'young adult' books too." Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2006.

"Best-Case Scenario: How a quirky handbook spawned a publishing phenomenon." Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2005.