Selected articles & book reviews

"Go Forth: An Interview With Mardou." The Believer Logger, July 2015.

Review of Why Grow Up? by Susan Neiman for the Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2015.

Review of I Was A Child by Bruce Eric Kaplan for the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2015. 

"Leanne Shapton: The Character Artist." The Comics Journal, December 2014.

Review of White Girls by Hilton Als for Utne, Winter 2013.

"Overdressed: Elizabeth Cline on Fast Fashion, Overconsumption, and What We Can Do About It." Bitch Media, July 2012.

Review of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet for the Philadelphia Inquirer (pdf download), 2012

Review of Skagboys for the Philadelphia Inquirer (pdf download), November 2012.

"This is a Love Letter: An Interview With Eliza Frye." The Comics Journal, March 2012.

"Geonoshing: Foraging For Food in the City." (pdf download) Philadelphia Inquirer, July 2011

"Street Sweepers: Hollaback! and the global surge in antiharassment activism." (pdf download) Bitch Media, Fall 2011.

"The Jesse Reklaw Interview." The Comics Journal, July 2011.

"Polygamy as Potboiler." Utne, March/April 2011.

"Where the Boy Zines Are." Library Journal, May 2010.

"Bonnets But No Bosoms: Amish Romance Novels." Philadelphia Inquirer, March 2010.

"The way we 'read.'" Minneapolis Star-Tribune, February 2008.

"Grownups are reading 'young adult' books too." Philadelphia Inquirer, August 2006.

"Best-Case Scenario: How a quirky handbook spawned a publishing phenomenon." Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2005.

"Purl Jam." Philadelphia Weekly, September 2003.

"Girls' Night Out." Philadelphia Weekly, December 2001.



Photo by Ron Tarver for the Philadelphia Inquirer

Photo by Ron Tarver for the Philadelphia Inquirer