I teach workshops on zine making and the history and culture of zines to kids, adults, and anyone in between. Please contact me if you'd like to hire me to teach one at your school, library, rec center, university classroom, tea room, cryptoporticus, root cellar, samizdat print shop, or other grassroots space.

Zine Reading Room

Together with my husband, Joseph Carlough, I host a zine library and a show series at the East Falls Zine Reading Room. We've got a collection of more than 1,200 zines that is in the process of being cataloged and is open to the public to browse and enjoy during our events. Performers at our shows have included poets, memoirists, visual artists, a folk duo, a post punk band, and a chip tune musician. Sign up for our list to receive notices about our events.

Photo Blog

For a few years my friend Nadine Schneider and I did a project called "Portrait of a Closet," for which we visited people at home, asked them to tell us the stories behind their clothes, and photographed them. The clothes, not the people. Nadine took the pictures and I did the interviews. The series is archived here

Weird Music

Guys, I'm in a band now. We're called A$$HOLEKNIFE and we're really loud. It's experimental noise, better described by one of our members as "spontaneous collective sound collages." You can buy our tape at Antiquated Future.