Via intimate, relatable writing we also get to know Haegele, whose observations and ruminations are astute and, at times, hilarious.
— Utne Reader

A writer from the Penn Gazette interviewed me about the work we do at the Soapbox Community Print Shop and Zine Library. 

I was interviewed by the Philadelphia Gay News about zines and the Philly Zine Fest. 

There's an interview with me on my publisher Microcosm's blog about touring and community. 

The poet Lynn Levin reviewed my essay collection, Slip of the Tongue, for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Katie Haegele’s writing is a miracle. No matter how grumpy you’ve gotten, White Elephants will inspire you to turn your days into adventures again—whether or not that includes looking through weird shit on other people’s lawns.
— Ariel Gore

Those old softies at Razorcake reviewed White Elephants and Slip of the Tongue.

One of my zines is on this NY Mag list of publications to pick up at the Brooklyn Zine Fest. 

The writer Beth Kephart wrote about my memoir, White Elephants.

Katie Ash interviewed me for this feminist literary website.

Perhaps Katie Haegele might be a unique, American version of Sylvia Smith.
— Tama Janowitz on White Elephants

Carissa Halston conducted an interview with me for the literary magazine apt.

I was interviewed for this article about zines in TIME Magazine.

Teal Triggs included one of my zines in this video report about the history of zines she produced for the BBC. 

...honest and generous, and alive to the transcendent possibilities of language.
— Marilyn Johnson on Slip of the Tongue