Girls on the Street, and other writing about clothes

Utne Reader, 2013

In 2013 I wrote a column for the Utne Reader. It was supposed to be about secondhand and sustainable fashion, but most often it was about clothing and identity, thrift store shopping, feminism, and movies I love. Read each installment of the column here:

☆ Poppin' Tags: Vintage, Thrift, and the Value of Slow Fashion
☆ Two Minutes and a Suitcase: What Would You Save? 
☆ On Grandmothers, Drag Queens, and Mending Your Clothes 
☆ The Ideabook: Vintage Fashion and Feminism 
☆ Still Pretty in Pink
☆ Haul Videos: Postcards from the End of the World?
☆ Girls on the Street
☆ Pee Wee's Closet