Since you asked, here's some stuff about me. I'm a writer, my name is Katie Haegele, and I used to live in Philadelphia but now I live out in the boonies. My last name is German and I pronounce it hayglee. In college I studied linguistics, and I'm still really interested in the thing some people think makes us human. (Language, that is. I happen to think that treating other people and living creatures with kindness is what makes us human, but that rules out certain people, doesn't it? I have to amend this because I now realize that humans are not the only animals capable of empathy. What is it that makes us human, then? Art, I guess. I think it's art. WAIT MAYBE IT'S JOKES holy shit I can't decide this might be a pointless question)

I have published essays, reviews, and reported articles in newspapers and magazines, including the Utne Reader, Bitch magazine, Adbusters, The Comics Journal, Philadelphia Magazine, Library Journal, Men's Health, the Miami Herald, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and elsewhere. My work has also appeared in anthologies, including The Alternative Media Handbook (Routledge), Make a Zine! (Microcosm), My Red Couch: And Other Stories of Seeking a Feminist Faith (Wipf and Stock), Women Behaving Badly (Paper Journey Press), and Fanzines (Chronicle). In 2013 my poem "Kaiho (A Definition)" was published as a Poems for All book. These days I'm a regular contributor to the books section of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

I have performed my work at Ladyfest Philly, the RADAR reading series in San Francisco, MoMA PS1, on the the University of Pennsylvania's public radio station WXPN, and at a whole lotta little DIY venues. I have presented my zine writing workshop at Philadelphia's Free Library Festival and the Collingswood Book Festival, for the students of Bryn Mawr College, and for kids and teens at several branches of the Philadelphia Free Library. I could do one for you, too, if only you'd ask: katie at thelalatheory dot com.

My first book, a memoir called White Elephants, was published in 2012. Ariel Gore, Tama Janowitz, and Beth Kephart all wrote nice things about it. What a coup! You can read an excerpt from the book here. My second book, a collection of essays about language called Slip of the Tongue, will be out in September 2014. IT'S OUT NOW MAN! GO ORDER A COPY! Marilyn Johnson, author of the excellent nonfiction books The Dead Beat and This Book is Overdue!, called it "honest and generous, and alive to the transcendent possibilities of language." Here's an excerpt.

If you'd like to read more about my writing or my zines, there's a nice interview with me in the literary magazine apt, and this article in TIME Magazine. Oh and before I forget, I also do a blog with my friend Nadine called Portrait of a Closet. We ask people about what they wear and why.

Here's another one.